• Commissions

    1) I work from pictures. I prefer to take a series of photographs myself, because I know what I am looking for and I have a camera that allows for quality pictures. I also understand that sometimes it may not be possible for me to take the pictures or that you already have a photo in mind that you love. In that case I am happy to work with you. Please do not send professional photographs unless you have received written permission from the photographer.

    2) I will ask you to tell me a little bit about your four-legged friend. I want to capture their likeliness as well as their personality, quirks and all!

    3) I will want to know details, such as, what size piece you would like and if there are any particular things you would like me to incorporate in the piece.

    4) I am an artist and I will not just recreate a photograph. I ask that you respect and trust my creative eye. Please spend some time looking at the other pieces included on this site, which will give you a good sense of my style and what to expect in your final painting.

    5) Once I have all the information I need and depending on my workload, it tends to take me about a month to create and finish a piece. Larger or more complicated paintings will take longer than a month. If the piece is to be a gift for a special occasion, I will do my best to give you an accurate estimate of how much time it will take and whether it is possible to make your deadline.

    6) How do I price? The total cost of the painting will depend on four factors: any time and travel required for taking photographs, the size of the piece, the difficulty level of the piece, and the time that it takes to create the piece. Shipping and delivery fees are separate from the total cost of the painting, and can be avoided if you plan to pick the piece up from me. I do ask for a non-refundable, 50% deposit up front, before I start to work on your painting, to cover the cost of supplies.

    7) Finally, I hope you will enjoy your beautiful creation of your cherished four-legged friend for a lifetime! Thank you for choosing me!